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In the mid 60’s Liston Rice graduated from Asheville-Buncombe technical community college with a degree in tool and die making. Liston became a master tool and die maker, later producing "masters", for his first company L & R Lock Co.

After the success of L & R Lock Co., Liston started a new company making muzzleloading barrels called Rice Rifle Barrel, Inc. Jason Schneider was an outstanding member of the Rice barrel making team, and purchased the company in 2011.

Buckridge Flintlocks are made in Fairview, NC where the components are hand finished and assembled by Liston himself with his son Michael Rice and grandson Matt Cash, with L.C. Rice onboard for technical advice. With an eye on quality, Liston has improved the reliability of these locks, without altering the time honored designs that flintlock enthusiasts have loved for centuries.

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