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Nock Flint to Percussion-Conversion (Roundtail Version)

Nock Flint to Percussion-Conversion (Roundtail Version)

SKU: 1007

In the early 1800's with the introduction of the percussion firing mechanism, a great number of flintlocks were converted to percussion rifles. Some people converted their flintlocks to percussion by removing the the pan and installing the percussion hammer. By the middle of the 1850's most flintlocks were converted into percussion locks.


This lock is also available in a Standard version. If you would like the Standard version you must select the Roundtail version from our store.


Height - (0.970in.) or (31/32) in.

Length - (4.875 in.) or (4.7/8)

Plate and Bolster = (5/16 in.) thick